Secrets of a Spin Instructor

Nuun teammate, Steve shares insider info and advice about making the most of your next (or first!) spin class.

Get Ready to Ride

The first thing I tell people when they ask me for advice about spin classes is “If you’re not laughing during your workout, you’re doing it wrong.” Spin classes have a ton of benefits, and I’ll talk more about those later, but the main thing I want my class to come away with after every ride is joy. You should feel accomplished, enthusiastic, and (probably a little) exhausted. While other instructors might strive for a more serious “push! push! push!” vibe, I think that it’s easier to push yourself physically when you’re approaching the experience from a place of positivity. 

What to Know Before You Go

If it’s your first spin class ever you should probably plan to arrive a few minutes early. A good studio will let the instructor know who’s new to spin in their class so that they can be sure to get you set up on your bike properly. Most studios provide the clip-in shoes, so don’t worry about those. Many studios also provide towels- you’re going to want to be sure to bring one of those into the class with you because, trust me, you’re going to get sweaty. If your first spin class doesn’t get you pumped up, try a different instructor before you write off the activity completely. At most studios, instructors are in charge of picking their own music and finding someone who has taste and style that jives with you is important.     

The Benefits of Spin Classes

In addition to being a really fun way to spend an hour, spin classes are great for burning calories and getting your heartrate up. It’s a powerful cardio workout, but it’s great for people at all levels of fitness because you can set your own pace and go at a speed and intensity that works for you. We all know people who swear by spin classes for weight loss, but for me I think the best thing about spin classes is the ability to track your personal progress over time. With consistent work you’ll increase your stamina, strength, and speed in clear measurable ways. That sort of personal accomplishment is really valuable to me and motivates me to keep working hard. 

Feel the Burn

Remember what I said about getting sweaty? Yeah, you’re going to get sweaty. Really, really sweaty. Bring a change of clothes with you if you’re planning on going anywhere other than home after your class. Bring a towel into the classroom with you, otherwise you’ll have to deal with the sweat on your face getting in your eyes—not fun! Also, pre-hydrate for your class AND bring a reusable water bottle with you into the studio. Water is ESSENTIAL to your spin class success, and if you don’t bring your own water bottle then you’ll have to pay big bucks for a single use bottle at the studio. Remember, when you sweat you lose electrolytes so replenishing them with a Nuun tablet in your water bottle is the way to go.

Have you taken a spin class? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!



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